As a Marine Corps veteran i know the value of Situational awareness, it can be the difference between life and death. The twin towers hurricane sandy, and the San bernadino shooting are all situations of emergency where the person is always guessing what is around the corner and that is how lives get lost. Coverage on of the Bernadino shooting went like this: Marcos Aguilera received a text from his wife who works at the Inland Regional Center."She heard the shots and crying," he said. The situation became confusing when the fire alarm went off. "Everyone was confused," he said, relating his wife's account.

Confusion is one of the worst things that we all face during an emergency,the noise just adds to the tragedy from fire alarms to amber alerts, the screams,and other elements, do not provide helpful information on the situation or a course of action on what to do next, they just add more stress to something we in the military call "Fog of War". But is not only a military problem civilians are humans also and they face the same situation without the proper training or tools to manage an emergency situation. That's where Ultima was born, the worlds first emergency response personal assistant, that also works as a Risk advisor to provide you with the information you need when your life depends on it.

It works like Siri, Cortana and other mobile A.I. but Ultima has a purpose, and that is to save your life, and keep you out of harms way. Ultima works mobile so you as an emergency protocol this application can be implemented all over the world where there is a mobile device.

What it does

Ultima retrieves information from social media, sensors,I.O.T. devices and other networks to provide the user with accurate information that can save their life, their property and the lives of their families. IT not only gives you information but it also suggests a course of action, using AR(not in this demo) and the network information, the platform can call ems services and the help you need when you need it. After everything is said and done it logs your information in a Blockchain ledger to ensure full audit-ability of the users actions, and property details, so insurance companies, investigators and other service providers can access the data and get accurate immutable information of the events and the users course of action, eliminating fraud and the lack of the right coverage. The blockchain ledger works as a receipt that can only be accessed by the user trough encrypted private keys. The user can give access to any organization he desires. A company like swiss re, will no longer have to physically audit all of there coverage users and assets, since the application can do this real-time. During September 11, not only Ultima would give the users augmented knowledge but it would help them reach safety, while swiss-re will have access to all of the damage report in real time. Swiss re would have known how many people where at the towers the day of the event and what insurance policies where involved, that way preventing fraud from the second the first plane crashed.

How we built it

We built it using multiple state of the art technologies and we combined them in the best use case ever. From Nodered, to watson, to alchemy api, twitter insights, GPS, and the pebble wearable.

Challenges we ran into

New hack challenges await.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application actually works

What we learned

We have an amazing team and we can build amazing things when the human element is in mind.

What's next for Ultima

First we win this hackathon and then we get Funded! To Blockfinity and beyond!

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