Our inspiration for this Hack was to create a new vision of NFTs with Augmented Reality Storytellings. We wanted to create not just an image but the whole story encoded into it using Augmented Reality and NFT. We were also inspired to create a new tool for AR monetization through NFT and blockchain. We were also inspired by the pictures and forms of Ukrainian Embroidery and Head Queen Crowns for Face lenses. And finally, we were inspired to create an Application for AR NFTs usage.

What it does

Our solution serves NFT enthusiasts, digital ART creators, companies, and brands as a NEW Monetization tool, as a new way of self-expression, and as a result our product we will serve as a new adoption way for NFT and Blockchain. With our product, people can become producers, collectors, and traders of unique Augmented Reality NFTs.

How we built it

So, how do we build all this? At first, there was an Idea to Create NFT collectibles with AR Effects and Application to mint, use and sell to customers, creators and brands.

Then we created our Amazing Team which consisted of experienced entrepreneurs me and Andrew, Vitalii, and Roman who created the NFT smart contract, Anton created our cool AR Effect and Andrii who created a landing page to present it.Then We created a collection of images based on the pictures and forms of Ukrainian Embroidery, each image has its own story and the names of the cities sewn into the Embroidery Ornament. There are 3 cities in Ukraine - Kyiv, Kalush, and Lviv.

For these images, we created an Augmented Reality Effect with AR Storytelling about the story of the Ukrainian Mariupol’s Drama Theatre Reconstruction.

We also created an Augmented Reality Face Lens Prototype with the Queen’s Crowns. And for now, we keep working to finish it.

Then we created the Internet Computer NFT Smart Contract that contains 3 non-fungible tokens, deployed it on IC blockchain framework and minted to contract owner itself. Here is GitHub with our Smart Contract.

Then we created the Application Prototype. First for AR Face Lenses NFTs. We created 3 main screens. At first, you can explore different collections and find trending creators and NFTs. On the second screen, you can see the NFT image as a model of Crown, its description, and all other information, and on the third screen in real-time we show how you will look with this AR NFT applied to your face.

We also show the Application flow for AR Markers NFTs. You can also explore images, chose one that you like, and get the AR storytelling encoded into it.

And finally, we packed all this into the Landing page to present.

Challenges we ran into

Our challenges in Supernova Hackathon were to Create NFT collectibles with Augmented Reality Effects, create an NFT AR Face Lens prototype, and create NFT Smart Contract and Application Prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During the hackathon, we are proud of our solution. We provide an application to reveal all potential of our idea and usage, we found a new way to monetize AR through NFT, we provide New creative Use Cases for AR and NFT for creators and brands, and created a new trend for NFTs with AR.

What we learned

During the hackathon, we learned Internet Computer Blockchain, learned how to create Smart Contract on this framework, created a highly experienced team and we also learned how to challenge hackathon and find new solutions.

What's next for Ukrainian Magicals

To launch our app and to start sales we need nearly 95 thousand dollars. It is needed for MVP App development, marketing setups and budget, for B2B collaborations with Creators and Brands, and for new AR NFT Collections.

We aim to expand the use of Internet Computer blockchain through a new vision of NFTs with additional value. Our product will serve as an infrastructure solution on Internet Computer to bring tons of new active users with AR NFTs Face Lenses and AR Markers.

Magicals - create a new vision of NFTs!

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