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The Russian officials have been trying to manipulate official stats and present the situation on the front in favour of the attacking side, since the very beginning of the invasion of Russia on Ukraine. At the same time, no stats have been available on-chain to build Web3 products on top of reliable information related to the invasion.

But now they can simply integrate Oracles of the Russian harm.

What it does

Oracles of the Russian harm delivers stats for dApps on Aurora and any EVM-compatible chain about three relevant areas, providing historical and current data for: -> Russian losses of personnel units -> Individual refugees from Ukraine recorded across Europe -> MOEX Russia Index

Builders can use these stats, as well as integrate new ones based on an URL and JSON path.

How we built it

Oracles of the Russian harm is an implementation of RedStone Custom Oracles that allows developers to spawn their own Oracle from any API, all that is needed is an URL and a JSON path.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge has been around stabilising the integration of RedStone Oracles on Aurora and making sure all work well on that chain. Another tough task was to find reliable data feed URLs that we could integrate via the RedStone Custom Oracles Wizard. Lastly, the tests of usage of Oracles of the Russian harm on the chain were harder than we thought, but we managed to finish with a reliable solution for Web3 builders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All feeds are operational on Aurora and EVM chains + anyone can spawn a new custom Oracle fighting disinformation from Russia.

What we learned

The amount of false statistics and misleading numbers and sources is just terrifying... There has to be one place with the integration of reliable sources.

What's next for Oracles of Russian harm

We would like developers from Ukraine and across the world to build Web3 products on top of Oracles of Russian harm, i.e. tokens related to such data or NFT collections dependent on the Oracle data.

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