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We wanted to create something interesting using all sorts of open data. This project appeals to us because it has funny elements.

What it does

Predict the spread of the virus/disease based on the location, commuting between district, employment rate, population & wage + give you morbid thoughts of the future.

How we built it

  • Technologies: Node, MySQL
  • Data: Office for National Statistics (ONS) data for 2011, London Datastore

Challenges we ran into

  • Too much data sets that do not exactly match
  • Difficult to incorporate/combine data for wanted results. (e.g. getting Local Authorities' boundary coordinates)
  • Severely lack of APIs which resulted us in downloading datasets and converting them into database tables.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We went through 5 hours of thorough planning, weren't tempted to tap away on our keyboards until we were done planning.
  • Although we did not manage to properly crunch the data we have, we still managed to get some sensible information.
  • We went through hell digging for datasets in open data websites (e.g. ONS,, etc).

What we learned

  • MySQL does not have Common Table Expressions i.e. stick to the tech you know best
  • Don't have to aim for perfection

What's nice to have for UK Epidemic Simulator

  • Including other types of data to predict the spread (e.g. topography, health status of location, etc)
  • Feature to find a safe location to start a base
  • Map routes to various desired resources
  • Weather forecast
  • Other survival features (e.g. (poisonous plants / berry identifier)

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