Some of the work that the Community Empowerment Fund does is aid workers in returning to the workforce. Often times, these workers encounter trouble with expressing their valuable and unique skill sets to potential employers on their resumes, which CEF workers help them through. Ujuzi is intended to make available this process to realize their skills on the web. The people we want to use our web application are the people returning to the workforce who might have trouble dealing with the language that modern employers are expecting on resumes.

One of the features that we are most proud of is the easy-to-use intuitive interface which won't quite be as intimidating as other sites to the not so tech-saavy. Another feature we're proud of is the simple output that users will be able to incorporate into their resumes and previous job descriptions.

Collaborators: Kannan Raju, Jeffery Wang, and Tara Gu

Built With

  • ruby-on-rail
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