Creating Azure Object e.g. Resource group, Service Plan and Web App requires many steps and also to be managed regularly. Using these workflows I am giving how we can utilise UiPath integration with Powershell to automate Azure activities. It is just starting point , by learning from these workflows users can automate unlimited tasks and efficiently handle Azure Infrastructure management

What it does

These workflows use Azure Powershell SDK and create azure components e.g. WebApp, Resource Group and App Service Plan

How I built it

By using Azure Powershell SDK and Poweshell App Integration of UiPAth

Challenges I ran into

Converting Object received from Powershell and setting correct arguments for powershell commands

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First integration of Microsoft Azure with UiPath , it can open gate for opportunities for Infrastructure automation using UiPath

What I learned

Invoking Powershell using UiPath

What's next for UiPath Workflow for Microsoft Azure

Generating Metrics , Virtual Machine Controls, User Management etc.

Built With

  • azure
  • azure-powershell-sdk
  • uipath
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