Have seen a huge number of people and organization utilizing UiPath as a test automation tool. Since the community edition of the UiPath provides 2 free to use robots, its becoming more economical to utilize the tool for next generation test automation tools. However there is not direct way of defining a Test for the workflow as we do in TestNG, NUnit etc.

Here comes this useful. Custom activity package contains 2 Activity to define a workflow as an independent test i.e. 'Start Test' & 'End Test'. You can have 100s of test created within your project and then finally when you run your automation it generates an HTML Report and an XML Report with all the details of the test execution which can then be used for further reporting purpose.

Its been build using Visual Studio with C# and Interacts a lot with XML Generation. HTML Page is dynamically created after completion for each of the activity.

Future Enhancement Considerations:

Adding an Application Scope to handle the whole test validation instead of dealing with 2 seperate activities. Ability to show the exceptions under HTML & XML Report. Adding some more details on reports as per the feedbacks received.

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