To Build an Custom Activity which would satisfy low budget client without UiPath Orchestrator and also to help developer in backtracking the process issue.

What it does

  • Create a custom log for a unit transaction in a process with enhanced user readability.

  • Logs are classified and maintained in separate directories. (i.e. Healthy and Quarantine)

  • The log file will be in HTML format and responsive to end-user screen size.

How I built it

  • Have done R&D and gathered the use case.

  • Have found the optimal logic.

  • Have given life to the logic with C# (C-Sharp).

Challenges I ran into

While brainstorming logic for isolating the successful transaction log from unsuccessful transaction log.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally, I have transformed my thoughts and struggles which I have faced during automation into an fully working custom activity.

What I learned

  • Learned to build custom activity

  • Learned to gather User cases

What's next for Uipath Smart Log Activity - Custom Activity

In upcoming version (Smart Log V 2.0):

  • Dashboard activity will be included

  • It will list and track the logs(no.of success/failure,Export as Excel/PDF, statistics,etc)

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