Hello, We are RPA developers from the Netherlands, Erik van Gemert and Anatoly Chernenko. We created a custom activity for extracting plain text to Excel.

Why would you need it and what makes it different?

We believe that many companies need a way to extract unstructured or semi-structured text to Excel or database. We also believe that it should be easy to define keywords on the fly, so that you can provide or modify extraction criteria without coding. Note you can add or remove keywords at any time in parameters.

How it is meant to function:

Provide a PDF file, define keywords and extract data to Excel file. Note that we used generic UiPath activities for PDF and Excel part. Basically, the program needs txt file as input producing data table as output, meaning that you can use it for a variety of sources such as PDFs, emails, txt files and destinations, such as Excel or databases.

How it may be applied to other use cases: You can use the service for variety of purposes. For example, you can build a bot to read emails or files and extract contents as structured data to a database of Excel file.

How to use connector:

  1. Install the package - download PDF to Excel package (.nupkg) file from Git repository to a local folder.
  2. In UiPath Studio go to Manage Packages, right click on packages and select Configure Sources. You should be able to add your local folder as a custom source. Give your source a name.
  3. Click Available, you will see your custom source next to Local, Gallery and Community. Now click on your source and select Pdf.to.Excel package. Click Install. Once you complete all steps you should be able to see PDF to Excel package in activities pane. Now it is ready to use.

Using activity:

  1. Create a sequence and pick PDF to Excel > PDF to Excel activity.
  2. Define keywords, note that you will define beginning and ending of the phrase separated by comma to extract the contents to appropriate fields. For example - { "Invoice Number,Order Number", "Order Number,Invoice Date", "Invoice Date,Due Date","Due Date,Total Due" , "Total Due, To:"}
  3. Define output variable as datatable.
  4. Use generic Write range activity and run it.

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