Currently, one of my startups needed a solution for managing basic tasks online and being able to "scale up", without paying "enterprise-level" costs. We found out about this Hackathon and registered for UIPath's community edition.

What it does

It has built in integrative task management, an easy way for you to setup forms, and it is supposed to interface with the Chrome plugin for simple tasks such as clicking and making your own customized workflow.

How I built it

We did some custom code, but it really was very minimal. Most of it was drag and drop using UIPath's own plugin builder

Challenges I ran into

The Chrome plugin was very buggy therefore it lead us to not be able to build as complete of a "framework kit" as we intended to, and it seems like it has a lot of "kinks in it".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working on this project and submitting early

What I learned

I got introduced to a new tool, and that is something cool

What's next for UIPath Enterprise Kit

Not sure, we may play it by ear :)

Built With

  • uipath
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