Most of the customers creating robots do not know how to format dates. For example they want to get out of a date-object a nice formatted date as a string. Most of the users know it should be maybe something like this "" when you want to have a simple date, but even this example is wrong as it should be dd.MM.yyyy to get day, month and year.

What it does

With tthe date-formatter you can do this with a simple gui. whenever you need a date-element you simple select it from a drop-down and the activity does everything else

How I built it

The custom-activity is built in C#

Challenges I ran into

I never programmed custom activities before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I already tested the activity with some customers and everybody is happy about having this feature

What I learned

There are several things where we can help our customers without programming skills with maybe low effort

What's next for UiPath - Date Format Helper

Next steps are adding some examples to the format helper and maybe some presets.

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