This project consist of Custom Activities and Workflow to fetch data for Air Quality from public API data set and provides sample workflow

to create automatic notification using AWS SNS Notification services. This project can be used by any Non-Profit, Civil Society or Citizen Groups to automatic measurement and analysis of Air Quality Parameters. The Sample workflow can be scheduled using UiPath Robot and based on preset value alert notification can be published on AWS Service. Subscriber will get messages and email when an alert is issued. Based on the notification user can plan their activities and schedule their day

What it does

It automate the measurement of Air Quality Parameters using UiPath Custom Activities and Workflows and based on preset values for the measured values publishes the Notification Alert using AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service)

This Project has Following Custom Activities:

EILabs.OpenAQActivities.1.0.3: Provides functionalities to deserialize data received from OpenAQ api and convert into .Net Classes so that it can be used in Workflow.

Includes all required assemblies needed for AWS Services from AWS SDK for .Net.

Workflows: GetCountries.xaml: To get the list of countries and save the list in CSV file GetCities.xaml : To get list of cities from OpenAQ for a given country and save in a CSV file GetLocations.xaml: get list of measurement locations in city GetLatestMeasurement.xaml : Get the latest measurement data available on OpenAQ for a city PublishAwsSnsMessage.xaml : Publish the message on AWS SNS SimpleNotification Service . Subscribers will get SMS and EMAIL Alerts Main.xaml: A sample workflow to describe how to use all given workflow and to get the latest measurement for a city. Then if value of any parmameter exceeds than preset value a message can be published to AWS SNS Topic. When a message is published , all subscribers shall be alerted using SMS and Mail.

How I built it

Using API provided by and AWS Service. Data Model is created by using custom activities for UiPath with Visual Studio

Applications Used OpenAQ API (, ( AWS SimpleNOtificationService ( SNS) ( Prerequisite to use AWS SNS:

AWS Account, AWS Credentials Setup on Windows Machine (

Visual Studio 2017 Nuget Explorer

Challenges I ran into

Integrating AWS SDK with UiPath

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Anyone can use this workflow to create a notification service around the world to notify the citizens if Air Quality measurement increases . User can use any notification service instead of AWS , e.g. Twilio, Azure etc.

What I learned

Integration of AWS SDK with UiPath

What's next for UiPath Activities and Workflow for OpenAQ

Uploading Measured data on public data base and provide analytics to improve the city environment

Built With

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