Inspiration: For my Project i.e. GIF Finder, I got the Design Inspiration from the Google Homepage

What it does: GIF Finder is a simple website that helps users to find GIFs according to the keyword entered by them. Users can find the GIFs by entering the keyword into the search bar and pressing the Search button.

How I built it: I don't have a team by the way, so I made it alone. It is made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and GIPHY API.

Challenges I ran into: The main challenge I faced during the making of this project was about API. I was not aware of How to use an API and also How to Read Documentation efficiently, but in the end, I managed to complete this project with the help of various resources.

Accomplishments that I am proud of: As I mentioned above, I was not aware of the API concepts and I got to Learn about APIs from this project. so this is definitely an accomplishment for me that I am proud of.

What I learned: I learned many things like Integrating APIs into the website, Debugging the code, Testing the product, etc.

What's next for GIF Finder: Well, there are many things that can be added as an Improvement for GIF Finder Project. Some of them are as follows:

1) Implementing Sign In Feature: We can add the Sign-In feature to this website so that users can store their GIFs and track their search history.

2) Adding Stickers Section: We can add the Stickers section so that users can search for stickers as well.

3) Adding Voice Feature: We can add the Voice feature so that users can speak the keywords and search for the GIFs or Stickers, etc.

I have Hosted this Project using Google Firebase and Designed the Project using Figma Tool.

Thank You 😊

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