Searching in a sheet for guest reservation information for receptionists is quite a challenging job. Therefore, we think it will be very convenient to let each guest have their QR-Code, and so receptionists can scan it to make the check-in.

What it does

We built a powerful mobile iOS app that allows users(sponsor and receptionists) to manage UH building access. Sponsors can create new events and manage their events. They can also invite guests via sending emails with our APP.

Guests will get the invitation email with a QR-Code, and they can use it to check-in.

Receptionists can scan the QR-Code guest provided, and the system will automatically finish check-in, and then they only need to assign the badge to the guest. The badge has an embedded magnetic strip used for entry control, and it is limited to operating the elevator. When guests leave, they should give back their badges to the receptionists, and they can remove the binding between the guest and the badge through our APP.

We also provide the conventional check-in workflow in case of that the guests do not bring valid QR-Codes.

Challenges We ran into

A big challenge for us is to find a way to monitor guests to make sure they are only going to the location they assigned without the Invasion of privacy. We also need to make decisions for the balance of security and ease of use.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of building a QR-Code generator and scanning functionality. We successfully designed various workflows for users to provide more degrees of freedom and usability.

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