💡 Inspiration

'Tis the season of giving. Come enjoy this charming interactive Christmas tale and befriend a lonely ghost on Christmas.

I wanted to create something fun and enjoyable, so I decided to try out Unity 2D while making tons of custom art for my little story.

🔍 What it does

It's a fun little interactive story about Christmas I created for this hackathon. It;s a story about a fairy who helps Santa's elves with some last minute present deliveries, only to stumble across an old house with a lonely ghost. The fairy helps to cheer up the lonely ghost and they enjoy the happy holiday together.

🔧 How I built it

I started writing the overarching storyline of the game, the main plot points, keeping in mind how I might make each of the scenes interactive in Unity.

I then worked on the main mechanics of the game, such as the movement and item grabbing which I implemented from scratch.

Using Krita, I drew each of the sprites, backgrounds and props to go with each of the scenes, and this turned out to be far more time consuming than I had expected, but thankfully most of the artworks turned out ok. I feel the cutesy hand drawn sprites helped to add character to the project.

I then added the artwork to Unity and started stitching the scenes of the story together, implementing more complex scenes like the magical Christmas tree growing.

Finally I put it all together and exported it to Unity Play for anyone to try out.

🏃‍♂️ Challenges I ran into

  • There was a significant learning curve for learning Unity, with it's systems and logic being quite different from anything I've worked on before. There were a number of hiccups trying to work with functions and structures I was initially unfamiliar with.
  • Time constraint was a big challenge as well since I wanted to draw everything myself.

🏅 Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I managed to make quite a few different scenes and tried out a whole bunch of special effect features such as particle effects and lighting.
  • I'm quite happy with the amount of artwork I managed to create for this project
  • I'm also proud of the cute little storyline I wrote
  • This is honestly one of the more well developed solo hackathon projects I've ever done, and this truly serves as a huge step towards game development for me
  • While some of the cutscenes are missing, the core mechanics and minigames were implemented in time.

🧠 What I learned

  • I learned a lot of tips and tricks for working with Unity, and how to structure and manage my game in Unity
  • I also learned a bit more about C# coding as that was the main language used for all the behaviours and logic scripting.
  • I also learned about some of the features in Krita I had not previously explored before, which helped to speed up my workflow

⏭️ What's next for Christmas Spirits

  • I also hope to fix up some of the features I wanted to implement such as character animations, which I ended up having to cut due to time constraints working alone
  • Addition of more cutscenes and finishing up the half done dialog system to help explain more of the story
  • I hope to use what I have learnt to create more enchanting little experiences with Unity and learn to use more of the complex features to make it seem more magical
  • I also hope to add custom music for future games

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