Empathy, Full crisis exposure as a first-hand user

Solution Overview

IMAGE Solution Overview

Test2.0: Prediction instead of Detection

Publish a survey instantly to billions of users and get resulted as early as instantly or manufacture a couple million test kits and deploy in a week or a month?

IMAGE Solution Overview

What it does

  1. Empower the world with more capable Tracking superpowers than what China nation-wide Tracking superpowers had to offer, by utilizing just what we have from the most advanced to the most legacy
  2. Solution for COVID19 Testing Crisis: Predict doesn't Test!
  3. Gamify the Good for a good cause!
  4. Peer to Peer donations

This isn't just an App, It's a complete proposal that consists of a framework for combating the crisis and a suggested app concept combined with a prototype that helps reduce the severity of impact on the community.
Proposal TL;DR:

Combined with a concept for an application that helps to reduce the severity of the impact on our communities by helping the vulnerable and expanding the term to include people with disabilities, also offering emotional support.
It comes as a bridge between The Donor Directly to Volunteer and the Volunteer Directly Helping Who's in Need and Organizations can help to support bu firing alerts, causes, and donations to community leaderboard.

On the other hand, this also opens a CRITICAL communication channel that surveys all users with these surveys that really extracts the indicators needed to monitor the health status and predict any patterns early-on.

Available Toolset

What I've learned

Survival is about Squeezing Ourselves & Our Tools

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