We have built UgoRound to serve the global need for an improvement in communications in Emergencies and Events that impact people. We realised that the CHECK IN functionality could be re-purposed to create anonymous Geo Surveys.

What it does

We have created an easy way to create a simple Survey that allows the Citizen to submit a choice of 3 options. Its essentially a Positive, Negative or Unsure selection that could represent any "sentiment" you wish to collect that allows you to see where on the map clusters are and how they change over time.

How I built it

We have created the Web Based platform using PHP and are using Couchbase NoSQL database. The Mobile Apps are built using SWIFT for iOS and Java8 for Android

Challenges I ran into

Our team has been working on the core system for some 4 years. We solved a number of challenges including how to use Location services (on a Smartphone) anonymously and such that there was hardly a battery drain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that the Battery is hardly impacted by our solution is one of the problems we solved. It's a big achievement as any app using GPS and Location services is usually responsible for highest battery drain. Our solution won't go beyond 1-3 % over the course of the day. We have also developed a unique way to show the survey and alerts in multiple languages.

What I learned

We learned that simple and intuitive solutions are the hardest to create!

What's next for UgoRound Geo Surveys

We are looking to offer this to Government agencies, Health Care institutions and any Disaster and Emergency Management agencies

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