After seeing a news cast where oddly shaped fruits and vegetables were thrown out before they even hit store shelves, the team had the idea that there must be an issue with distribution rather than a lack of people willing to eat them. They then set out to create a platform where farmers could bolster their finances while also reducing food waste and helping local businesses. Additionally, consumers who want cheaper produce have an avenue to support their local farmers as well as save money on weekly produce.

What it does

Uglys' connects producers (farmers) to consumers (restaurants, cafe's, individuals) who can then organize purchases to sell off product that would otherwise go to waste. By decreasing food waste and offering low cost supplies to businesses, this app can create positive ripple effects in the economy of a place like the central valley.

How we built it

Chris built a wireframe mock up for us to build towards as an end game result. Afterwards, Jose researched how to bring these mock ups to life inside the app and it's back-end database communication. Additionally, Ismael created a descriptive website that outlined the core ideas behind the app to advertise.

Challenges we ran into

Developing for mobile first was the priority as it would allow the largest number of producers and consumers to find one another in it's initial wave. However, this approach came with the challenge of building a platform that would be simple for anyone to use and also slick enough for a power user to enjoy the experience, then transitioning that into a service that could be used on platforms other than mobile and can provide assistance in large bulk transfers. Additionally, the lack of familiarity with the activity pages inside of android studio presented many roadblocks for us causing us to spend considerable time in research.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the initial steps for a social media like app experience. Gaining experience with Github Pages and extending git usage experience with junior members of the team. Working with an artist and doing some collaboration outside of programming.

What we learned

We learned how to build something given designs and an aesthetic goal. We also learned how to rapidly prototype designs.

What's next for Ugly's

The future goals are a Web interface, a bulk order system, and maps plus feeds for users to find producers in their area. Account authentication, deeper security, more robust location services.

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