College is a stressful time and we just wanted to help. This is an easy and simple way to express a certain emotion one can feel at the moment. College students are lazy to maintain old-school journals. We felt like we needed this app to monitor our mental health throughout the semester.

What it does

Keep track of your mood and improve it over time with powerful data analytics. This provides us with data to get a snapshot analysis of the different moods/emotions one went through over the day, week or month. This helps individuals realize a pattern where they are stressed or sad at the same time interval regularly. Hence this tool will help individuals to ask for help when they need it. This mental health journal can be used if individuals choose to get any help and talk to a counselor/therapist.

How I built it

We used flask backend with python. We then used Azure Cosmos DB to handle data inputs and React for the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Making sure the interface was still simple and easy to use for users to make entries in the mental health journal. Choosing good data visualization techniques to show a better snapshot analysis over a specific period of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned Cosmos DB and how to use it in a web app during BrickHack 6.

What I learned

Time management on how many features we could add to the web app.

What's next for Ugh, Mood

A phone app for android and ios users.

Built With

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