Jacob is part of a small startup company that makes and sells sustainable candles out of Athens. Every candle is hand made, as well as some of the candle holders (ceramic, reclaimed tin, etc.). The business has a normal website, but all individual purchases are handled by etsy, and larger purchases require submitting a request form directly to the founder's email. We wanted to create a payment gateway directly on the website to save time and money and let the founder have one less thing to worry about.

What it does

As of now, the program lets you feign a purchase of an individual $30 item after submitting some basic information, and said information is then added to a database that we can access through the website, phpMyAdmin, or Stripe to view transactions and customers.

How I built it

We found a helpful youtube tutorial that guided us through a lot of the work. We used xampp, composer, vscode, stripe, and phpMyAdmin to create everything, and as far as actual languages used, we included php, js, and css files, with some html tossed into a handful of the php files.

Challenges I ran into

Neither of our team members had any prior experience with php let alone payment gateways. Most of our issues arose from trying to set up one of the various programs rather than the actual coding bits.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works, that's pretty neat. We can fake charge anyone $30 through a credit card, and then look at the table.

What I learned

Google is your friend, php isn't that different than html (actually it's kind of fun), if you want to do something, someone's probably already made a tutorial on it, databases are super satisfying when you build them from the ground up and they work, mountain dew is not your friend at 12:30 am.

What's next for UGAHacks_4

First, the moon. And then, THE WORLD.

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