So here I am, middle of the vendor's room,in my pikachu onesie, and my wallet and phone are buried somewhere in my bookbag. How do I buy that Sailor Moon body pillow?

Well look no further! Payment Senpai is your new innovative payment solution to all your convention needs! Payment Senpai will make your convention purchases as seamless as possible.

Con goers will be given the opportunity to opt in to Payment Senpai services when they register for the convention. Doing so will allow them to use a QR code printed on their badge as a form of payment with all vendors that are also registered in the system.

Vendors at the convention can register to use Payment Senpai services, powered by fiserv's powerful Automated Clearing House Payments SDK. Registered vendors can then use the Payment Senpai mobile app to quickly scan the QR code on a customer's badge for quick and painless transactions. This allows con goers with cumbersome cosplays to not have to worry about where their wallet or phone is stored in order to enjoy all that the vendor's room has to offer.

Payment Senpai provides a solution to those whose traditional forms of payment may not be close at hand.

A labour of love by Jaco van Rensburg and Brandon Kim

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