Struggling to find one place to get access to all the resources he needed to pass class, Christopher decided it was time to build his own simple & beautiful solution.

What it does

It's simple - it's a link aggregator for study resources that's exclusive to University of Georgia. Students submit links, then can filter by Department, Professor, and Class to find the right resource for them.

How I built it

I used classic HTML, Javascript, and CSS in programming tool Webflow.

Challenges I ran into

TIME! Ran out of time - but I will continue afterwards. ("Hmm do I make this beautiful... or do I make this usable...")

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I really think this is a simple, powerful, and beautiful tool - the winning trifecta.

What I learned

I learned a lot about dataset modelling... took a lot of thinking to get the filter to work properly... :( and :D

What's next for UGA Notes

Present to student clubs and ask people to submit their links.

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