Food is being wasted at an alarming rate. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, around 94 percent of the food we discard - from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce - winds up in landfills or combustion facilities. This problem is usually caused by the ignorance of individuals due to their busy schedule.We purchase food we don't have time to cook. We forget about leftovers in the back of the fridge. And we toss out food that is already expired, assuming it must be dangerous to eat. To alleviate this problem, we created ufood so that people can track down their food inventories at home in order to reduce food waste.

What it does

uFood is a personal inventory tracker that keeps track of the food in your kitchen. uFood will help you determine the amount of food waste in your home and reminders for food that will soon expire. uFood will categorize your foods into their respective categories (i.e. fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, beverages, general frozen, and medicines) and show their respective expiration dates.

How we built it

We built this site on the Wix website builder.

Challenges we ran into

As this is our first ever Hackathon, there are a lot of challenges that we went through as a team. We all have very limited coding experience, so creating something without code seemed difficult and impossible. However, we managed a way through Another challenge we faced was connecting and updating the information on each page as the user submits new entries of food. A special challenge our group faced was a timezone difference between the members of our group, as one lived in Canada, one lived in Sweden, and one lived in the Philippines!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to research online and find answers to many questions that we had regarding databases and submission forms on Wix. Furthermore, we are proud that we created something without using code, and with basically no experience in hackathons.

What we learned

We learned how to create a website on Wix, and how to make it user-friendly.

What's next for uFood

We will add reminders/notifications functionality, and user accounts.

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