We were inspired to create UFO-net to help the people of the raid on Area 51 communicate. Learning that there is no connection that far from major cities, we learned it would be difficult for the raiders to communicate with each other and coordinate their attack, meaning that they would never find the Aliens.

What it does

UFO-net allows people to message offline by the usage of a stand-alone network that supports message service and can be transported to wherever needed.

How we built it

back end is in node JS and front end is in HTML5, CSS3, and JS

Challenges we ran into

Getting the front end to connect to the back end. Having issues getting messages to display although they still send and are received.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the network, the UI, and the logo & icons.

What we learned

We learned the difficulty of working with iframes and the importance of keeping backups/frequent saves

What's next for UFO-net

What's up next is a functional mobile app with the messaging service, ready for the raid.

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