I graduated from the University of Florida one year ago and I was super grateful to have friends and family come and support me during my time of achievement. Unfortunately, that cannot be said about the graduates this year due to COVID-19 so I decided to make a filter to make it just a little more special.

I have been making a hobby out of making random Instagram filters during this quarantine and thought it would be fun and helpful to make a UF Graduating Filter for the class of 2020 to celebrate this year’s graduates a little more. To all those that are graduating, CONGRATS and GO GATORS!

What it does

Tap the screen to change the color of your tassel and open your mouth to be cheered on and confetti-ed on.

How I built it

Spark AR, Blender, and a lot of Youtube and Google-ing. Thank you Maru Studio and the Spark AR community on Facebook.

Challenges I ran into

I had no experience in Blender so that was quite a learning curve even with a simple design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to have a filter that celebrates the graduating class of 2020 and made within 5 days at that.

What I learned

Basic modeling on Blender and some new tricks on Spark AR

What's next for UF 2020 Filter

Maybe make a filter to celebrates all graduates, no matter the school

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