We want to improve our education system. we want to eliminate the gap between teacher and students or administration.

What it does

This app consist of various features. It informs the students about any changing in time-table of different semester or any new information about exams or anything else.Teacher of any subject can make changing in it if we provide access to teachers. It has the feature that it will login with Facebook.

How I built it

By using react native and expo. We developed it on visual studio code.

Challenges I ran into

We faced many challenges because it was not easy to get familiar with react native.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are able to deal with react native as it is very current programming language .We have finally developed an app that will eliminate the need of class representative or girls representative. By installing this app into your mobile phone it will become easier to get connected with university updates

What I learned

We learnt that how to manage things with in limited time.

What's next for Uet system management app

There is a lot of advancements that we can make in this app. Still notification part is missing due to shortage of time we could add into it. We can also make it possible that teachers can post the attendance or results on it so that each student can easily check its record

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