Inspired by a need for a better solution to a safe, secure, and scaleable ERC-20 token escrow platform, we built UEscrow. As avid users of crypto-currency, it was essential for us that our funds be secure during large payment processes. What better way to solve this problem then to build it ourselves!

What does it do?

UEscrow is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum VM. It features absolutely no database or user data storage, but rather relies on modern technologies like nonce-signing via MetaMask, smart contracts via the EVM, and IPFS for decentralized hosting to ensure that the platform is as de-centralized as possible.

The contract allows you to easily initiate escrows for any ERC-20 token, put funds in those escrows, and pay out escrows to the end-party. Our web DAPP allows users to do the same with a visual aspect to the transaction (using MetaMask to handle the nitty-gritty).

How did you build it?

Poorly? Haha.

Isn't Blockchain practically magic???

All jokes aside, this was an experience to build in itself, and we're sure it could be made better with time, but we're certainly proud of what we built this weekend. The smart contract was built with Solidity and the Remix IDE (along with our fair share of Truffle + Ganache testing). The DAPP was built with React + Express + Web3.

What challenges did you run into?

The real question should be: "What challenges didn't you run into?", and our answer is, "none".

Over the course of the last 36 hours we have practically ripped each others hair out trying to get our platform to the stage where we wanted it to be. Fixing our smart contract, and making sure the DAPP actually worked with browser Web3 were our largest issues.

What are you most proud of?

Daniel: "What Anish did." Anish: "What Daniel did."

We think we both are proud of what each other person made, so honestly, we're proud to bring our platform to you to judge :).

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