Thought it would be cool to make a game that runs before everything, but not have to do it in ASM!

What it does

It's snake but implemented before your OS runnings

How I built it

Implemented with the Tianocore edk2.

Challenges I ran into

No access to the standard libc which resulted in spending ages trying to find out how to call various UEFI protocols.

Didn't have access to trig functions, so I ended up having to write them with inline c. Ended up not using them for the demo :)

Drawing is done via a frame buffer, which I had write my own drawing functions for.

Graphic design is clearly not my passion so my graphics aren't very pretty.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually actual graphics to show up in my emulator!

What I learned

Firmware development! Good project to learn and experiment with what firmwares can do!

What's next for UEFI Worm

Better graphics or maybe even a better game.

Built With

  • c
  • edk2
  • qemu
  • uefi
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