Building a Metaverse is an incredible experience, however it comes with lots of challenges. We wanted to make it easier for anyone in the VeChain ecosystem to bring their games to people, and overcome some of the hurdles that we had.

What it does

This connector allows anyone building a Video Game on Unreal Engine to link it up with the VeChain blockchain. Our connector includes the Sign In feature, prompting SYNC2 that allows users to sign into games with their wallets. It also includes the Fetch feature so that users can pull NFT or Token data from the blockchain. These are the most basic features necessary, however it also the hardest part to implement as any other features will already work from the base we have created.

How we built it

There was a decent amount of work that had to be done on the Unreal Engine in order to be able to make links with connex, IPFS, and other functionalities of the net we use. We built middleware to make this all work together and connected to the instances using putty. Creating this entire function was incredibly difficult, but we took it step by step and there is still so much to integrate to make a fully blockchain integrated UE5 game.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the available plugins or code on the internet is all for UE4, as UE5 is a brand new update. So much of the backend and connecting itself was made entirely custom. We also couldn’t make it Plugin style (available on the UE Marketplace) as that would have been a whole project of its own, and much more technically complex.

However we made the best of what was possible by providing the base, the code, and backend for anyone wanting to do the same in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As far as we are aware, this integration is the first of its kind for VeChain. This is a huge achievement and we are proud that it will potentially be used by many others looking to explore this area in the VeChainThor Blockchain.

What we learned: VeChain backend Restful API integration, this was perhaps the biggest take away experience that our team got, aside from learning new things about Unreal Engine. The future here is really good because we plan to make available ALL the tools we build for VeChain-UE so that anyone else can build games & metaverses!

What's next for UE5/VeChain Integration

Continuing to build out the next pieces of integration, such as our other Hackathon submission “Upgrade NFT Attributes, Automatically and Live, on-chain" to the UE connector as well. That way, users will be able to Automatically upgrade their NFT’s directly from Unreal Engine 5 games. Your character got a level upgrade? It now directly reflects on chain and on your NFT metadata, NOT only in the game Databases.

Eventually we want this integration to feature anything that a player would possibly want to interact with on-chain, directly in their UE5 Video Game. Such As:

  • DEX Swaps
  • Marketplace Buying/Selling
  • Transferring
  • Upgrading NFTs

Built with?: Varest, Nest.js server, UE5

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