Who wants to bring their health reports from one doctor to another and often hear that the last report their specialized doctor has is one year old and they need a new one. Wouldn't it be better if you and your doctors could find all your health info in one place?

What it does

It makes possible for doctors to access all of their patient's health reports that could even be created by other specialists from one place and thus get rid of the papers that need to be copied between all of patient's doctors to keep them informed about the current health condition of their patients.

How we built it

We've been using HTML5, CSS, JS and JSON.

Challenges we ran into

The backend part seemed too tough for a few times but eventually we managed to make at least some parts to work as we wanted. :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that were able to come with an idea and at least create a working demo, it's our first hackathon so we accomplished our goal by this.

What we learned

We learned some new thinks about web development and most importantly we learned that not all the ideas are as simple to transform into reality as they may seem.

What's next for UDOPAS

It will be a great motivation for us to look back at what we created when we will be applying for the next hack.

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