The inspiration for uDirect came from MadLibs; a phrasal template word game that is known to be funny and entertaining. Our love for story-based adventure games and iconic movies inspired us to create this cinematic twist on MadLibs. Furthermore, we thought it would be fun for users to have control over the narrative and be pleasantly surprised with the visual results.

What it does

uDirect is a mobile entertainment application that allows users to make their directorial debut and take control over one of many quirky scripts that require their masterful final touches. Once a script has been chosen, players can name their main character and cast their main character based on the headshots provided. Many elements of the offbeat story can be controlled such as the setting (users can choose if they want the story to take place on the beach, in outer space or the jungle), pets, names, vocabulary, food, and musical score. After all the components are selected, uDirect allows players to watch the completed film containing cinematic visuals and witty dialogue featuring your decisions. With over 27,000 possible combinations, the fun is endless!

How we built it

This application was developed and designed using Figma. Following the design process, it was built and coded using Unity game engine and C#.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the project we had some difficulty trying to figure out ways to allow players to control elements of the story. We wanted to ensure that players had enough options to choose from while also keeping it simple enough to build within the given time frame. Especially considering the visual nature of the game, we could not allow users to pick from an endless amount of words. In addition, creating a cohesive and fun colour scheme took longer than we expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are proud of the visual style and cinematic features of the game. The story possibilities are humorous and surreal which made it very entertaining for us to create. We are also proud of our technical achievements in terms of using Unity and coding with C#.

What we learned

This was our first time creating a mobile game application. We learned that it is more efficient to design and work with a smaller screen.

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