So far, there have been millions of fitness apps to come to the app stores, but one has yet to be known as the best, because none of them contain a great source of motivation. Our app solves that problem, by creating an innovative, proprietary, system of motivation. That system is competition. Our application pairs users against eachother, one on one, with each person being paired against a new user every week. This opponent is chosen based on a formula that calculates how likely users are to do the same types of exercies, and score around the same points, using our unique scoring system. What this does is give people motivation to work out, because they have someone to compete against who is at their same level. Every member will be able to plan future events for themselves and it will notify them when they are suppossed to work out, along with adding unscheduled events that they did. When a member adds an event, it will send a notification to their opponent that they added an event, to give the opponent more motivation to get out, exercise, and get back in the lead.

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