We all are facing disruptive consequences of covid-19 over past one year. Because of pandemic, many of us have not only lost our loved ones but also our jobs. According to UN report " Around 47 million of women and girls will be pushed into extreme poverty by 2021. If poverty surges then it will widen the gender poverty gap. By keeping such thoughts in our mind, we have decided to work on a project for women, which will help them to recover from poor economical condition and make them self -independent and we all know being self independent not only make them financially capable but will also improve the status of women in our society. They will make their own identity.

What it does

Udaan - Wings to her dreams is a website which consists of several opportunities for rural and urban women. We are promoting teaching, learning, supporting to every woman in her life. This platform will give amazing opportunities to women who want to establish their own small business on a large platform. For business we have connected Ecommerce companies so they can sell the product directly and purchase the raw material for the their business on fair price. This eventually will help them to grow their business not just nationally but internationally as well. For supporting women financially we have added a feature which is providing a loan to them. For teaching we have added several courses for basic skills like computer, english, stitching, hand- made products and modern media.

How we built it

First We have built our website design in Figma and later coded it with HTML , CSS and JavaScript language.

Challenges we ran into

Completing our website in 48 hours was indeed a challenge when one of our team member faced problem with styling the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What could have been the best accomplishment that we were able to put our ideas into actions in next 48 hours of hackathon and with this project, we have tried to connect rural and urban area's women with good resources of learning and growing. We all are feeling content with our final output.

What we learned

We all have got to know about women employment situation during covid-19 time and it has given us an idea on which sector needed to be worked hard. We all have tried to solve a real time problem which is truly a great learning together. We have also learnt to implement HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What's next for UDAAN

We can work upon a better user interface and add some more functionalities which will provide amazing opportunities like Jobs, Scholarships or opening a small business for underprivileged girls and women. We hope to connect a large population of women together and giving the best opportunities, they deserve.

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