We wanted to create a "passport" to encourage people to explore the new places around them. Our vision is an app where users can scan NFC tags around town to learn about and collect locations so users can reflect on, as well as show off, what they have done.

What it does

This app and API enable users to explore new places around them and show it off to others. By using UCwhatIdidThere, city officials can encourage visitors and residents alike to explore and learn about the city.

While we initially imagined this for city tourism, this could also have applications for universities and large events. Tags could be placed in key locations that users scan and receive important information. For instant freshman and transfer students new to a school can scan tags to learn about the university around them. Or new attendees of hackathons can scan tags placed strategically around a hackathon to learn more about the hackathon cultrue, devpost links, mentors available, etc.

How we built it

Using Node.js we built an API that allows for expansion into platforms beyond just android. One such example is iOS, which doesn't allow devlopers to use NFC. An alternative will be QR codes that store the same information as the NFC tags, requiring no changes on the backend.

We also build native android app that allows Android users to collect and interact without tags. Users can login and check their collection of tags and scan new tags that they come across. For future development we hope to give users more way to interact with each other via the tags such as sharing their collection via social media or adding the ability to leave a message at a location.

Challenges we ran into

Having only one experienced coder slowed our process. We had some expansions we wanted to add, but didn't have the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The less experiecne hackers gained a lot of expericene while working on this project. One memeber in particlular was able to implement the backend that we use to transfer information.

What we learned

Of the three members, only one had any real coding experience. Tyler worked on devlopoing the his first ever API using Node.js and Express.js, while Cullen worked on the android app. Sam helped both of them with questions and troubleshooting.

What's next for UCwhatIdidThere

We plan on adding a admin application to allow users and businesses to create their tags and add it to our network. We also plan on adding more features to make our app more user friendly and to provide our users a robust and fun experience. UC there is a lot we can do with this application.

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