UCR Schedule Visualizer

The raw class list from GROWL is pretty ugly and hard to read. UCR Schedule Visualizer interprets your schedule into something actually understandable.


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This project is a website written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that generates an hour by hour view of your schedule as well as provide links to each class location from the schedule you get from GROWL. Your security and privacy is maintained because all of the schedule interpreting and viewing is done client side. No personal schedule related information is sent over the web.

GitHub Pages

This project is hosted on GitHub pages. You can check out the current stable release of our website using the link above.

Because the GitHub pages branch is the equivalent of a master branch, the gh-pages branch is our master branch.

We are using the Akari Link Shortener to shorten our link. The link is: https://waa.ai/ucrsv with the first three characters "ucr" referring to our school name, and the last 2 characters "sv" being short for "schedule visualizer". We also have a QR code which you can find here.


Coded with love by Bradley Cai and, Ammon

Contact us! We have a twitter, or you can email us at bradleycai24@gmail.com (Bradley) or ammon.i.smith@gmail.com (Ammon) if it's something more detailed. Our public keys are located in the etc directory of our github repo.


MIT License: Do whatever you want with our code so long as you give attribution . This project is intended for public use and for personal learning and enjoyment. You can find our license here.

We also have a few dependencies that make this project work. They're all free software, and their licenses are listed inside the files themselves.

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