We wanted a better way for students to collaborate and were inspired to take this problem into our own hands. We were mostly encouraged to do this because of the lack of interdisciplinary collaboration even though we knew that with the variety of skills present at the school some truly great projects could be made. We had also experienced problems finding research projects as undergraduate students due to the lack of a consolidated web interface for professors to post projects.

We built a website using HTML, css, python/flask, SQL databases with influence from tutorials and documentation due to our lack of experience.

We all learned different skills including css skills, the flask framework, the file structures for fullstack webdev, and about databases and Photoshop; there was much more video editing and power point than I would have expected but I learned a lot so I am pleased with the experience. This was our first ever website so there were a lot of learning opportunities and we all generally learned A LOT about web development. We were all familiar with python which is we decided to go with flask, and in hind sight we would probably work with a different framework next time. It was fairly counter intuitive to begin with but we made strides later on. Other challenges included staying motivated late at night through from sleep deprivation and minor internal disputes.

Overall it was a great experience and I'm glad we all came and tried our hardest and improved our skills, thank you for putting on the event and we will hopefully return next year better.

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