We wanted to build a service that maximize the connection between phone and pc. We wanted to make collaboration more efficient. We wanted seamless integration between web apps and mobile apps. So we built a universal clipboard - uClip.

What it does

Have you ever had to:

  • E-mail yourself a picture?
  • Facebook message a degraded version of a picture?
  • Share a short snippet of code or link with a colleague?
  • Upload a screenshot onto Google Drive?

From Android to PC or vice versa, uClip allows you to copy and paste content instantly. In addition, if you wanted to take a screenshot on your phone, just press CTRL-V on your PC and the image will appear instantly. The service works between PC's as well for team integration.

How we built it

Using Android Studio and Java, our team of 4 split into two groups. One group in charge of the PC aspect of this service and another group in charge of the Android portion.

Challenges we ran into

3 out of the 4 team members are first time hackathon participants. The team had to self-teach themselves and implement what they learned right after.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team was able to fully utilize Firebase’s API as well as Yelp API’s. The functionalities that we discovered with Java and Android Studio spiked our interests and understanding to further progress in the world of programming.

What's next for uClip

Increase security, features, and functionalities. Integrating Google Map’s API and adding its interface is an interest for the next step.

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