• The desire to achieve outstanding grades effortlessly, without having to spend countless hours on YouTube, searching for online lectures that move at a pace that makes it easier to absorb the required content.
  • Despite knowing active learning and positive mood activates our brain muscles and helps us retain information much longer, not every student is comfortable enough to speak up during class. Factors like shyness, intimidation and the guilt of slowing down the pace of other students prevent some students from speaking up when they feel lost.
  • Classroom instructors often become overly excited during their lectures and tend to move too quickly through content that they themselves have already mastered. This leaves many students scrambling to keep up with the instructor’s pace as they jump from topic to topic, despite not having fully grasped concepts that are integral to the overall lecture.
  • Wanting to make the complex…simple

What it does

  • Students would be able to use the web app during lectures to submit general questions directly to the classroom instructor, responses to anonymous polls, or even requests for their professor to slow down.
  • Professors would receive instant, valuable feedback about their teaching methods and styles, thereby giving them the opportunity to modify their approach. By giving students and instructors this route to remediation, there will be less of a likelihood that students will resort to submitting negative reviews on public sites that could potentially hurt the professor’s reputation.
  • Improve the classroom learning experience for both students and instructors by providing them with a secure channel through which immediate actions can be taken to keep all students engaged. This will also lead to fostering lasting knowledge in students while reducing inefficiencies in the standard teaching process.

How I built it

  • We divided the work into two groups. Some of us worked on the webpage design while others coded the back-end. We used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Java.

Challenges I ran into

  • As a team that has never worked together before, we had to figure out our whole team dynamic. Also, the majority of the team is inexperienced in the software that we used which took up most of the time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We are proud of the design of the final product. We are also proud that we were able to get the project working.

What I learned

  • Some of our team learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the first time. We also learned how to use software like React,, FireBase, and many more.

What's next for UClassRoom

  • Develop a Speech-to-Text feature that will help ESL students, visual learners, and the hearing impaired.
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