Current music requesting app in Phineas doesn't have a wide range of songs, and requires downloading an app to request music.

What it does

We remade the music request system to use Spotify. giving a wider range of songs. The web app includes an easier way to vote and request for songs. We also show what's playing and what's currently being voted for in the queue. Needs a Spotify account for each location.

How we built it

Django web application using spotipy to take advantage of the Spotify Web API.

Challenges we ran into

Can only set the current song, with no way to add to the queue. We had to find out how long a song is to know when to start the next song.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works.

What we learned

We forgot how to use Django for a while.

What's next for UCL Music Player

Use a better scheduling system for songs, as once a song is playing it cannot be skipped.

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