Ucky in Paris: a good, simple and fun idea to discover Paris family.

Become the hero of your kids! Ucky in Paris is a fun adventure to discover Paris on the iPhone with family. Learn, play and solve puzzles! Live a new experience, discover the secrets of your destinations by exploring through anecdotes and history of the place. Five trails are available to launch the application: • The Luxembourg Gardens • Place de la Bastille - Marais • Temple District - Republic • From the Arc de Triomphe to the Trocadero • Eiffel Tower

Throughout the walking tours: • Explore the major sights and attractions located nearby. • Take advantage of local experience to go to unknown places. • Ideal for going out and playing with your children through challenges that punctuated the walking tour. • No extra costs of connection, all content is integrated into the application. • Dispose of accurate information, regularly updated. • Choose your walks on a plan.

THE COURSE OF WALKING TOURS : Select a walking tour and let yourself be guided by the directions step by step. Maps are available without internet connection. Check information and photo galleries of each step to learn things unknown and different stories during your walk. Move forward the walking tour by achieving successfully the challenges of each step.

WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES? : Let us be your guide through various challenges to discover unknown places and have fun with your family. The challenges consist of monument to locate on a map, challenges of imitation, a play of errors to find a picture, multiple choice questions, discover hidden text and simple questions.

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