The purpose of the project is to distract people in this period of distress when the feelings of anxiety and depression are easy to set in. The principle is to make people connect through their interests in a safe environment and to give them a sense of security. There are no social barriers that are stopping them from actually interacting even though they are having a conversation with an anonymous person, that person being in their area. This, in turn, gives the user a sense of belonging and at the same time that they are not alone in this fight with the pandemic. During the inception of this project, we ran into a lot of problems to make the concept appealing for everyone because the problems that we face are not particular. We received a lot of help from psychologist and people in the field of mental health so we can create something that can help those that need it. We started with the vision of having people meet face to face but the circumstances changed so we needed to change also. The goal is to create a community that lets every user be themselves and make them connect with likeminded people, this in turn giving them the feeling of belonging that each individual desires all our lives. In this period of great distress having good mental health is a top priority. Because we cannot defeat the virus if we cannot be together when we need it the most. This is what the virus teaches us, together we will overcome any obstacle.

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