The project started this fall at the definition hackathon. The main idea of the project is to allow NFT buyers to directly participate in the creation of the collections, and to give artists a convenient tool to lay the foundation for the new collections.

What it does

Uchoose is a dApp that allows artists to create programmatically generated collections without writing any code.

Artists can initiate and upload the set of parameters which would be used for NFT generation in the collection.

Moreover, with the help of our dApp buyers control the appearance of the created NFT and release it by choosing its parameters from a set (the new NFT generated only after the purchase of the previous one in collection).

How we built it

Project divided into two main parts. Backend and frontend.

Backend build upon popular stack of technologies: .NET Core (+ different opensource libraries such as MediatR, AutoMapper, Serilog, Seq, FluentValidation and others) and PostgreSQL.

The C # Solnet SDK is used as the SDK for interacting with Solana on the backend.

Frontend part is build on React.js library.

We use integration with Ceramic network for creating and changing Ceramic streams with mutable metadata.

Challenges we ran into

We've faced some issues with integration of different libraries into project:

  • Starter pack provided for Next.js framework was not buildable/compilable, that's why we've decided to switch to React.
  • Solnet.Metaplex is steel on dev stage and not published on nuget packages repository.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned many new technologies related with blockchain. We became winners of the definition hackathon (3rd place from Ceramic).

What we learned

Learned how to create smart contracts in Solana, create Ceramic streams and store dynamic data in them and more other. In addition, we delved deeper into the world of DeFi and blockchain.

What's next for Uchoose

  • Community Expansion
  • Integration with marketplaces
  • Add other popular networks
  • Increase our team
  • Release Beta
  • And more other... (see the roadmap in our GitHub page)

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