I've been recieving UChicago Sercurity update emails for the years that I've been at this school but I always felt that they were insufficient and uninformative. I wanted to build an interface that would allow people to understand the real data in an engaging way. The hope is that by having a more realistic understanding of safety at UChicago, we could have a more informed dialog and practice more informed safety habits. Understanding the nature of crime in the area could also help us understand what motivates crime and what UChicago can do to interact with the community in positive ways to combat these trends.

What it does

Displays a map of crime and other emergency incidents as reported on the UCPD database. Allows users to filter by various criterion.

How I built it

I built this project using the js framework React. The website and database that power it are hosted on Google's Firebase cloud platform and the map is powered by the Google Maps Api. I worked by myself on this project.

Challenges I ran into

Firebase and React can by very complicated independently and I found that the majority of complication that I ran into was integrating these two systems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I made the Firebase-React connection work because the powerful platform I have constructed, while fairly underutilized in this project, can be used moving forward to build other projects that use firebase Authorization, ML and other exciting features.

What I learned

I've used Google Cloud a little bit before this project but I have never used React before. I learned a lot about React and plan to use it on other projects.

What's next for UChicago Security Map

I want to build out a bigger suite of filtering features and add more data to the database that powers it.

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