This project was inspired by our love of memes and our desire to make friends. So why not combine both and make friends with our memes?

What it does

  • You (the user) browse through our collection of periodically updated meme database and rate memes based on your reaction to them. Your ratings are then stored in our database along with all the other users. We then compare your ratings with others in our app and based on your similar reactions to similar memes, we generate a list of suggested friends whom we believe you.

How we built it

  • We built this using Google Firebase to manage the back end, and Bootstrap for the front end.

Challenges We Faced:

  • Learning how to use new technologies
  • Integrating Asynchronous JavaScript with firebase
  • We had trouble with handling the data from the database for implementing the friend matching algorithm, so we were not able to implement it in our prototype. Our algorithm would work as following:
  1. Get the meme ratings of all other users
  2. Choose memes rated by both users
  3. Compute the mean average value difference of these memes
  4. Compare this value with all users and rank the list of users to determine best matches

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of:

  • Instantaneously pull images from Facebook using Graph API
  • Generate suggested friends list based on our matching algorithms for determining people with closest similarity
  • Display memes in a user-friendly environment

What We Learned:

  • How to store large data sets in firebase
  • Connecting the frontend and backend

What's Next:

  • Streamlining algorithms
  • Adding authentication and implementing properly the friend matching algorithm
  • Gaining new users and scaling the app

Built With

  • google-firebase
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