Both of the participants in our group are current high school seniors and the prospects of choosing a UC campus soon will be daunting upon us. Therefore, we wanted to see for ourselves, and eventually for our users, which of the UC campuses fit us the best.

What it does

Our website uses reviews and articles on various UC campuses which are used eventually to determine the best UC campus for the user through a series of questions.

How we built it

Our algorithm counts the most occurring words in each text file retrieved and then associates certain words with particular UC campuses. At the end, with the questions, we assign point values to each answer. A higher score would suggest the user to research or consider a certain level or group of UC campuses. Vise versa with a lower score.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a problem of being able to read txt files from the online text editor we were using to build the website. Unfortunately, we were never able to access the txt files online, thus we hardcoded this into the system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning a basic understanding of html, css and javascript to build a webpage within a day. Furthermore, we learned the best uses of images, slideshows and button effects. This website was not a static website but rather had interactive elements that would help the user choose which University of California Schools would be right for them.

What we learned

From the beginning of this hackathon, we were introduced to a basic-level of html and css javascript. So we used this hackathon as an opportunity to learn a new language and express our skills in this new language by making a website we would be happy with building on. We have prior experience to java and we could definitely see the similarities between the two languages and how they functioned. 

What's next for UCCounselor

We initially planned on making a financial aid calculator for this website. However, this had required us to learn tables and putting them into 2D arrays of our own in html, something which we were not knowledgeable of. So, learning how to incorporate official data from tables will be the next step for a subpage to our website. 

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