I feel in love with Virtual Reality at my first hackathon two years ago. Then, when I discovered A-Frames and WebVR this past December, I knew I wanted to build a VR website for the Hackathon.

What it does

UC VR is a virtual reality supported version of the University of Cincinnati's homepage.

How I built it

I built it primarily using Mozilla A-Frames.

Challenges I ran into

I actually only had a little over 3 hours to do this project. This was because my previous project, Burrito Ordering Burrito fell through. Also, my headset would not allow me to show my own VR content, so I had to trick it into thinking it wasn't in a headset.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is only my second time making a webpage with a-frames and I'm impressed with how well it came out.

What I learned

I learned about readability in VR, optimal distances of images and other objects, and equirectangular images which are required for the spherical background of the site.

What's next for UC VR

I want to learn JavaScript in order to make the website interactive and to be able to link to other (possibly VR) webpages.

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