My inspiration for this project is basically shows, articles, videos made by ESPN Basketball

What it does

This project cleans, visualize, and analyses data web scrapped from the UC Merced Basketball team website

How we built it

I used jupyterLab and wrote the whole code in python. I used python libraries such as pandas, plotly, express, go, etc

Challenges we ran into

I ran to some problems with JupyterLab not being able to show my graphs, the path to store my datasets worked and did not at random times. Web scrapping and cleaning took most of my time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud that I was able to web scrapped the data for each basketball season in an efficient way

What we learned

I expected to have a bit more time to analyzed my data, however, I learned that if possible I would like to participate with a team next time. So we can all separate the work in 4 parts web scrapping, data cleaning, visualization, and analysis. Also, I learn a lot about python, pyplot, and basketball.

What's next for UC Merced Basketball Analysis

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