Sometimes it is hard to make friends and form a study group in your courses - especially as transfers or first years.

We wanted to create a platform for students to easily connect with each other so that they could form study groups.

Using php, javascript, html5, and css, we developed a website for students to register for and access to find students in similar courses.

It was Irene's, James', and my first experience with javascript, css, and html5. James and Irene worked on the backend in Javascript which they learned only recently. Although it was definitely a challenge learning a new languages on the spot, we all picked up something new. Karan and I also had to build up on frontend which was not his or my strength. Karan also had to connect javascript and php to mysql. This was a great learning experience.

Irene and James are proud that they designed a successful search algorithm to scan for CRNs in an html file. They are also proud of their implementation of file upload. Karan and I feel accomplished in learning more about frontend.

Irene, James, and I learned more about javascript, html5, and css. Karan and I learned more about frontend development.

Although we did not get a chance to implement all the ideas that we had, we will finish what we started throughout the next few months.

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