UPER is a Prototype Designer for Ubuntu Phone to make developing MVVMize automatically.

Major Worries in Ubuntu Touch Development

  1. C++ is too complex to make coders focused.
  2. Front-end Designer not familiar to Qt.
  3. HTML App is too slow due to DOM.

Features of UPER

  1. ZERO cost to Design and Test
  2. ZERO cost to Communicate with C++
  3. ZERO cost in Performance

How We Solve It

UI Designers could just design their UI with HTML, the language they are familiar to. A realtime preview is provided by some css to emulate the REAL Ubuntu components. They could set some attributes to {{variable}} style, meant which should be modified by code.

After the UI design, they could then click the Generate button to export qml code and C++ template. The HTML file written would be compiled into QML ones. It would also find the correct variable to bind it to C++ code automatically.

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