In 2005, the University of California San Diego developed a revolutionary piece of Educational Technology (_ EdTech _ for short) called Ubiquitous Presenter using the latest and greatest technologies available – PHP and Java Applets. In 2011, Ubiquitous Presenter received its last update. In 2016, Oracle stopped maintaining the browser plugin needed to make Ubiquitous Presenter work. One year later, one wildly-fashionable professor from Eckerd College's Computer Science department tasked his most experienced students (And Cliff) with bringing this most cherished of technologies into the modern era using 2017's most-loved programming tool: Node.js.

What it does

Ubiquitous Presenter 2.0 makes it easy for a professor, lecturer, or teacher to upload their slide deck as a saved PDF and present them in a shareable format _ on the internet. _ The ability to draw over top the slides in real time and share these changes with students transforms this slide presenter into an outstanding utility for the modern classroom.

How we built it

This puppy was built with unpaid student labor, YouTube tutorials, and the incredible kindness of strangers. On the technical side, we built this utility with PDF.js (for easy slide display), (for multi-user support), and Node.js (to build character).

Challenges we ran into

Because replicating all of the original Ubiquitous Presenter's features in the time allotted for the event was not feasible, we had to pick and choose which features were critical to our Most Viable Product; this proved to be a harrowing process filled with tense emotions and, eventually, cool-headed compromise.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished about ~99% of the work for this hack before 4:00am, which was pretty sweet! This is the first time in our hackathon history that we've been confident in out hack well before the deadline.

What we learned

_ Less is more. _

_ Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. _

What's next for Ubiquitous Presenter 2.0

User logins, class creation, custom pdf uploading, and acquisition of the domain

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